why loyalsea?

We do not only love the sea, surfing and the moments of connection that come with it - but want to show and move the needle for diversity in surf.


Over the years travelling for surf we met many inspiring, unique people . We met them in the line up, at car parks, in cafés and on beaches all over the world. They lend us wax, we shared waves (stole waves), food, drinks, a bed, gave each other first aid for injuries - which we sometimes, unintentionally may have caused.  

They made us feel part of a global community not defined by nationality, age or gender, by profession or relation but by the loyalty to the sea. 

We want to tell their stories, show their passions and profession and share the joy of surfing with them. 


Kicking of this year we will start with our new project: "Lofoten2Lagos - Girlsurfgangs along the European Westcoast". If you are interested in updates and how that story unfolds follow us on Instagram and Facebook. 


Hope to see you in the line-up!  


what is loyalsea?


loyalsea is a platform featuring and celebrating the diversity in surf, by creating sea related moments and media - always personal and never random. 


We introduce surfers from all walks of life, walking on all kinds of boards and on all the continents waterways. We tell their stories, showcase their passions, support their dreams. We call them tribalists. 


With and for them we go on surftrips - chasing coldwaterstoke at Lofoten, longboard waves in Lagos, empty line ups in Yilan and beachbreaks in Kenting - or wherever else our tribalist or a good forecast gets us.