Lofoten2Lagos by loyalsea is an Iconic surftrip with a fresh perspective - featuring the girlsurfgangs of the European Westcoast. From the Icelanders fighting in the arctic circle  to the Portuguese longboardartists.


The trip is divided into singular modules that are linked by one element: the surf tribes of the respective destination – Norway, Iceland, UK, Ireland, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Spain and Portugal.


On site, we tell the story of the local female surfscene, featuring 2-5 female surfers showing their lives, secrets spots, best rides and bonfire nights.    

1 | Lofoten

Meet the most northern surfgang - Welcome to Lofoten Islands, Norway. 


Lofoten is a special location in many ways - its one of the furthest northern surfpsots where people actually live, hosting the most northern competition, attracting surf expats from other parts of the world (mostly Sweden though) and producing dramatic waves and scenery. Also - we have a tribalist there who impersonates all the loyalsea value - and the line up is 50% female - a factor that is usually not seen anywhere else in Europe! (maybe even the world) It´s a special place and that is why we will start our journey there!


We follow primarily Lisa Blom - who is our tribalist and crewleader for the trip - to various locations. Her home, her home-spot, go wavechecking and surfing with her and her best friend Line of course. 

2 | iceland

Off the beaten track in Iceland - Festival, surfing and snowboarding: Iceland's Westfjords


Ever since Chris Burkhard's "Under an Arctic Sky“, Iceland is on every bucket list of adventurous surfers worldwide who are looking for special spots far away from civilization. They are fascinated by ice-cold water, secluded beaches and snow-capped mountains in the background. That's why they tend to travel north instead of traveling to well-known destinations such as Bali, Hawaii or Australia. But what does life in the cold water of Europe really look like?



We want to explore coldwater romance and travel with Rut Sigurdadottir, photographer, crossfitter and drone pilot, and Helga Rakel Rafnsdottir, president of „Women in Film and Photography Iceland“. The two women are single mothers of 2 and 3 children respectiveley, passionate surfers and permanent guests in the often male-dominated line-up.


From Reykjavik we make our way to our final destination Isafjordur - along the west coast, the dirty "F-Roads", through tunnels and passes looking for icy surfing spots. We follow them through the cold, accompany them to a festival in the Westfjords, in the various thermal pools and their favourite wale burger in their hometown - a surf (and possibly snow) road trip of a special kind.

3 | Portugal

Nazaré, Peniche and the Algarve: Portugal’s Surfhotspots - With Portuguese artists along the Portuguese coast


We meet Ines and Lizzy in Peniche, about an hour north of Lisbon - a place between surf hotspot and traditional Portuguese fishing village. Neither Ines, nor Lizzy come from here. And yet they feel at home here on the Silver Coast.


Ines was born in Nazaré - a place that has been the focus of the surf world in recent years and attracts big wave surfers from all over the world like no other.

For Ines, however, surfing's magic lies somewhere else: her longboard, which she has chopped together with a friend, still needs the right bag. From local fabrics, partially recycled, she designs board bags for all types of surfboards. For surfers from all over the world. Hand- and custom-made. She used to be a surgeon in a hospital. Today she stitches bags instead of people.




Ines and Lizzy share the passion for longboarding. And the passion to create something and to protect nature. Lizzy is an illustrator. Artist. Soul Surfer. And works with the Surfrider Foundation. Their motifs show the typical movements of surfing, inspired by the colors and patterns of nature, especially the ocean.

We tell Ines and Lizzy's story on a road trip along the Portuguese coast from Nazaré to Lagos. On women in southern Europe, tacos, beer and today's Portugal in search of a balance between tradition and modernity.

4 | ireland

Ireland is well known for beautifully green but also heavy and exposed waves, yet not many foreign surfers go and explore the island. 


In this module, it is all about the Dublin expats from the digital world of Google, Facebook etc. leaving their respective   European headquarter on the search for   waves along the wild Irish coastline. A mix of various nationalities – united by tech – and the biggest contrast to it: crushing waves. They are joined by young gun Grace, preparing herself for the 2020 Olympics.


More to come soon. 

5 | United Kingdom

Spots like Llangennith in Wales, Sennen   Cove in Cornwall and the big waves of Thurso East are well-known in the UK, but to surfers on “the continent”, they sound like an adventure roadtrip worth taking.


In the UK, we are going to team up with the London Girls Surf Club. A city initiative bringing London hipster girls into the line-up. Main Protagonist is the clubs’s founder Kylie taking us and her crew into the water, for networking and net tights.  


More to come soon.

6 | France & SPAIN

In France, it will be all about the stylish old ladies of the sea,


Spain is represented by the very fresh young, rebel guns. 


More to come soon.