apolla echino

Nickname | POE


Canadian living in | New York City

Director | A Woman´s Guide to the World

Sailed | through Antarctica

Paddled through |  the Amazon

Solo surfed | New Zealand South Coast 


Quiver | 10’ Thom Brown/Natures Shapes board that I bought off Craigslist in NYC. It's slim pickings here. The board is a bit too long for me, but it'll do for now.


Favourite Board | The Zimora 9’4 board that I sold before leaving New Zealand, and then later tried to buy it back. Ian Zamora later found me and my surf film via Instagram and reached out, and we are hoping to collab soon on the next board.

Favourite Sea | Kaikoura, NZ & Malibu


Next Surftrip | Philippines or east coast of USA or Todino or Punta de Mita

First Surf | Maui

Signature Move / Style / Item | Trying to cross step. Working my way up to hanging 5 or 10. Jeeze, it takes a lot of practice.



Apolla. Welcome to the tribe. 


For many of us, there are times during the year, where we do not live at the sea being able to surf every day. So, we were sitting around #landlocked in Hamburg, just surfing the web not the wave. And that is when we found Apolla’s movie called “a woman’s guide to the world” - in case you haven’t watched it yet, do it now! This piece is so incredibly inspiring and the projects that she does demonstrate so many values that we share - empowerment, inclusiveness, honesty, benevolence ... but see for yourself




So, we shared the teaser for her upcoming project on Twitter and she replied within only a couple of minutes thanking us for posting her video. This led to an extensive conversation - this time through direct messaging though - about women in action sports, exchanging ideas and brainstorming on working together to maybe have her movies be screened in Germany this year. The funny thing is: we haven’t met Apollo in person yet, but we are friends on Facebook, follow each other on Instagram and Twitter (obviously) and even had our first Skype call a few days ago…but: we share the same values and although it is an (exclusively) digital connection until today, we are super stoked to have her with us as an inspiration.