clare megan fernandez

Nickname | TINTA 


From England | living in Baleal, Portugal

soon moving to Austria and Australia (current plan)


Street-, Music- and Tatoo-Artist 

Jane of all trades | vegan baker

always covered in paint 


Quiver: 8‘0 Ericeira Malibu, 6’2 Santa Cruz Fun Board

Favourite Board | my friend Jonnys completely destroyed 9’0 soft top. It can catch anything; from tiny ankle to high waves to barrels at Supertubos, and you do not need to worry about dings! 


Favourite Sea / Surfspot | Gigi´s - Baleal      Next Surftrip | Feel like I am living on a constant surftrip      First Surf |  Taghazout - Marocco  



Clare, welcome to the tribe. 

“My favourite days are when I finish working at the surf center in the morning, grab a board and paddle out at the break in front of my house - before going to one of the beach bars or surf camps to DJ at a sunset party.Watching the sun drop down into the ocean and dancing with my friends with the salt still on my skin is the best feeling."


We don´t know how Clare does it, but her days seems to be twice as long as others´ . From painting a mural for a surflodge, preparing a dj-set for a local joint, cooking the most amazing vegan cookies and cakes, ... she still finds time to help everyone with spontaneous requests.


"Can you help shop and cook for a 15 people community dinner tomorrow" was the latest question we dropped on her, followed by "do you also have plates, could bring speakers... and a laptop, and maybe a little playlist...". (Thanks again so much Clare - and ... sorry!) 


With ease, grace and smile this surfista navigates herself, newcomers and friends through the workings of her current home, Baleal, whilst always having a bunch of new projects and ideas in the pipeline. Hanging and surfing with her is both energetic and energizing and we are happy to have enjoyed her company many times. 

Make sure you check her insta account - her stories are as hilarious as her artwork is beautiful. Welcome to the tribe Clare and thank you for being a friend.