francisco cipriano

Nickname | no nickname...just Francisco


Lives in | Lisbon, Portugal

Started surfing |  8 years ago

Co-Editor of | "Portugal Surf Guide" 

Works at | Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

fashion model  


Quiver | Fatum Surfboards Bullet proof 7,0 / too optimist 6,8 / magic longboard 9,2


Favourite Sea | Cerro at Peniche



Francisco. Welcome to the tribe. 


There are these moments when paddling out into a new lineup, when you look around to get a feeling of the atmosphere,  the people who are in the water with you and in some cases searching for somebody for orientation?


Look no further than this impressive white beard on a longboard. (which you would not be able to oversee even if you tried). Despite being usually one of the older guys, Francisco has quiet a unique welcoming spirit and kindness surrounding him. (he even offers waves to other people) ...

Meeting him for the first time in Cantinho da Baia, he smiled, offered us a wave as if he could feel that we were a bit reluctant to paddle into it, only to be super happy to see us riding the wave. On that Sunday, we had a camera with us in the water and took some pictures of many people in the lineup - some that we knew, some that we didn’t know at that time.


So after the session we connected through Facebook, sent Francisco some pictures and it turns out that his white beard is not only well recognised in the lineup, but that he is a fashion model working with several international brands. More importantly though, the crowd that was in the water that day when we took the pictures and met Francisco actually came together again a few weeks ago to work on a co-working space project in Peniche together - a dream that Francisco always had on his mind.