irene gomez


Nickname | Spanish or Tron (shortcut for Dude in Spanish)


Nationality | Basque, Spanish

Living in | Taghazout, Morocco

Age | 30 - but considers herself a teenager

Former | pro horse rider

Runs | marketing at Surf Maroc

Started surfing | out of love 


Quiver | 9‘2 – Nose rider

Favourite Board | 9‘2 Classic Nose Rider


Favourite Sea / Surfspot | Imessouane


Next Surftrip | I live on a constant surf trip (LOL)

First Surf | In Manly (OZ) 6 years ago

Signature Move | Scream of excitement on a good long ride





irene, welcome to the tribe. 


Landing in Marrakesh for the first time in the middle of the night is not really the greatest idea…not finding the bus driver that is suppose to pick you up and bring you to your surf camp…quite annoying when the only thing you want to see is the sea ... and a bed. Fortunately, Irene of Surf Marroc picked up her phone (at our fifth attempt) while actually being in the middle of a party. She connected us with various different people, eventually finding a late bus we arrived at the camp at around 4am. We were super tired but when we thought about walking into the dorm probably waking everybody up, we decided to just take the backpack, lie on the beautiful  terrace and call it a day ... 


The next morning, a lovely voice (Irene) woke us up telling us to take our wetsuits and surf stuff and meet her at the van - “Let’s go surfing.” Irene is this person that always creates a good vibe around her and she is one of the most exciting surfing women we have met.


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