jobi manson

Quiver | 

5 ‘ 11 1970’s Twin Fin 

6 ‘ 10 Bruce Fowler V Machine 

7 ‘ 10 Robert August Squashtail 

8 ‘ 6 Stewart Hydroglide 


Favourite Sea / Surfspot |

Maldives, Jailbreaks / Jeffrey’s Bay - The Point  / Cabo - 9 Palms



First Surf | Nantucket, age 15 - Cisco Beach, MA


Favourite food after surf | Corona with tacos 



Jobi. Welcome to the tribe. 


First of all: not only is Jobi Manson one of the most ocean-connected people we ever encountered - she also has an annoyingly envy provoking quiver at her disposal. Currently somewhere in between Hawaii and her California home, we first met Jobi in Taghazout - in the dark. Sneaking into the ladies bunk room in the middle of the night, after a life threatening bus ride from Agadir. 


Throughout the next days we shared amazingly long waves in Imsouane, food, the infamous Marocco bug and a good bunch of laughter. In between spot tours and swell checks Jobi sat quietly in the corner of Surf Maroc, focussed on her laptop, working on a "project" related to surf and Africa. What to us sounded like an endeavor of many years, Jobi had build up just a couple of months later - Sefari Outpost - a place, shop, hub in Malibu - which we sat down in on a half a year later roadtrip in California.


Since then Jobi has moved further and added new projects constantly - take a look here - its absolutely worth it. Surfing with Jobi, or generally hanging with Jobi, is always inspirational, adventurous and if you are lucky accompanied by one of her beautiful boards. Hopefully that will happen more and again in the future.