ines catarino

Nickname | Flahica


Lives in | Baleal, Portugal

Former | surgeon

Used to | stitch humans, now stitches boardbags

Until last year | member of the Portuguese handball national team


Quiver: | 9‘2ft Anticiclone , 5’11ft single fin Chris Byrne

Favourite Board | anything that I have riding :D


Favourite Sea / Surfspot | Green Island (Ulladulla, NSW , AUS), Noosa ( Sunny Coast, AUS ), Secret (Baleal) , Canal (Costa Vicentina), Paredes da Vitoria (Leiria), Cabedelo (Figueira da Foz) I could keep going...And I still have a lot to see :D


Next Surftrip | Anywhere beautiful with good waves :-)

First Surf |  Bodysurf Shore @ Nazare as a kid :D




ines, welcome to the tribe. 

“Hey, you wanna join us for a camping trip to surf the secret spots of the silver coast?” - who would seriously even consider to say no to that when a local asks you that question?! Exactly! So we went on a trip with some friends and Ines was part of that group. We had met in the lineup in Cantinho da Baia a couple of mornings, always shouting and cheering each other into waves. So from sharing the waves and admiring Ines sliding skills...

... we went to eating everything there was on our camp buffet (thanks to Filipe for being the bbq chef) and chatting like old friends. We can highly recommend to share a tent with Ines also - as she does not only have a #sharingiscaring attitude in the water but in everything she does. Lets do that again!