lisa blom

Nickname | I don´t have one


Swedish | living at Lofoten Islands | Norway 

manages a hotel in the polar circle |  surfed with Orcas in the line up at the latest Lofoten Masters | wants to learn how to play the guitar |  loves Macadamia nuts | plans to found a Norwegian-Eritreian girlsurfgroup 


Quiver: |  5’8 fishtail and 6.0 square tail - both from Divine in Portugal 

Favourite Board | my fat old retro fish called Bubbles


Favourite Sea / Surfspot | Unstad (Lofoten) and Killers (Marocco) 


Next Surftrip | girls trip to Ireland or the Maldives

First Surf |  Sri Lanka  



lisa, welcome to the tribe. 

This isn`t big enough for me.” - what seemed ok for us that October day on the Lofoten Islands in northern Norway didn´t really get this coldwater shredsister moving. Lisa most certainly enjoys every single time in the water - and once you have seen her move through a big wall you understand why. 

Her surfer-me emerged when she and her husband tried to learn surfing in Sri Lanka, long before there were schools out there. So for days they tried to paddle out with the one board they had - watched by head-shaking locals, who - after some time realized those two would not give up and helped them find boards to learn.  


Since then Lisa has travelled and surfed all over the world, but recently settled on the Lofoten Islands ( "for now at least"), perfectly fitting in with the plethora of excellent ladysliders in the local line-up, Joining her on her arctic flow is as perfect as a surf day can get. Starting with the fridays surfergirl saunabreakfast (what a routine - #biglove), surfing with seals (or even Orcas) at one of the many excellent breaks, ending with a classic bonfire on the rocks occasionally lit up by the northern lights.  


We are super happy that a quick chat over a Galão in Portugal led to shared coldwaterstoke only a couple of months later - and will turn into a collaboration on surfguiding in the polar circle with our most northern tribalist. #staytuned