Be part of our design processes, creations and meet the loyalists: shapers, artists, designers that we work with.


Our loyalists share a kindred spirit and the same muse: the sea. While not all of them have grown up with an ocean for a backyard, they all transform and translate memorable ocean encounters into art, artefacts and textile styles. Together with them we create unique pieces that always lead back to a loyalsea moment, an original artwork, a friendship.


Meet photographer and filmaker Daniel Espirito Santo, designer and artist Annie Graham, conscious shapers Billy Bento and Jose Antunes and architect, actor and artist Rafael Freyre ...


Daniel Espirito Santo  - photographer x filmmaker


>The ocean always remains the essence of my photography; I greatly admire its power, impermanence and elegance<



Product | limited edition art prints


Daniel is our first loyalists and the epitome of one. A shared moment in the line-up, some beers, many waves and a roadtrip later we are happy to kick-off our collaborations with the first of a series of limited edition art prints.


... more info coming soon

Annie Graham  - designer x artist


>My daily rhythm is tied to the cycles of the sea and weather. My time in the sea is a meditation, when I am completely immersed in the patterns of water, sand and sky. It has changed my way of seeing and strengthened my creative practice<


Product | fashion collection


Annie moved from the USA to Portugal in 2013, fell in love with surfing and that changed everything for her. As did our perception of seaweed, when seeing one of her collages based on those sticky sea structures. Together with Annie we are working on a mens and womens collection of seaweed inspired styles.


... more info coming soon

Rafael Freyre - architect x actor


>Growing up in Lima, along the Pacific coastline I witnessed nature as a complex system of interactive forces. This transformative power is the base of all my works, from buildings to artefacts<


Product | waxkits 


Next to award winning buildings Rafael builds elegant tools for essential routines - he calls them 'objectos'. Already looking at one of his kitchen utensils transform the activity itself. We wanted to do the same with that moment when you wax your board.  Which is why we are thrilled to work with him on a waxkit and waxcombs. 


... more info coming soon.

Edgar Billy Bento - shaper x surf instructor


>Currently on a surftrip through Asturia and not available for comment<  


Product | surfboards 


Billy is currently building up his new shaper shack in an old warehouse close to the secret spots of Peniche, Portugal. Together with him and Annie we are working on a seaweed inspired 6'6 funboard and 7'6 singlefin with integrated nautical maps. (which we first of all want for our own quiver :-))


... more info coming soon







José Antunes - firefighter x shaper


>Currently on a roadtrip with his refurbished firetruck and not available for comment<


Product | wooden surfboards 


While we actually would just love to be part of Zé´s Waldorf Kindergarten, or eat at one of his community dinners, we are working with him on a couple of wooden retro longboards, made from the trees he build with his bare and busy hands.


... more info coming soon.