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Over the years travelling for surf we met many inspiring, unique people, We met them in the line up, at car parks, in cafés and on beaches all over the world. They lend us wax, we shared waves (stole waves), food, drinks, a bed, rides and gave each other first aid for injuries - which we or they sometimes, unintentionally (of course) caused. 


 They made us feel part of a global community not defined by nationality, age or gender, by profession or relation but by the loyalty to the sea.

Our goal is to illustrate this diversity and creativity in (female) surfing and its related lifestyles by creating inspiring stories based on friendships, authentic experiences and shared moments in the sea.


Apolla Echino @apollaechino


Canadian |  living in a surf bungalow in Rockaway Beach, New York


Director of A Woman's Guide to the World |

Sailed through Antarctica |

Paddled through the Amazon | Solo surfed NZ South Coast 


Bought her 10’ Thom Brown/Natures Shapes board off Craigslist in NYC 








Lisa Blom @blomsa


Swedish | living at Lofoten Islands | Norway 

manages a hotel in the polar circle |  surfed with Orcas in the line up at the latest Lofoten Masters | wants to learn how to play the guitar |  loves Macadamia nuts | plans to found a Norwegian-Eritreian girlsurfgroup 


Quiver: |  5’8 fishtail and 6.0 square tail - both from Divine in Portugal 

Favourite Board | my fat old retro fish called Bubbles


Favourite Sea / Surfspot | Unstad (Lofoten) and Killers (Morocco) 


Next Surftrip | girls trip to Ireland or the Maldives

First Surf |  Sri Lanka  


Irene Gomez @irn_86


Nickname "Spanish" or "Tron" | Basque | Living in Morocco |  ageless, considers herself a teenager | former pro horse rider | started surfing out of love 


Quiver | 9‘2 – Nose rider

Favourite Board | 9‘2 Classic Nose Rider


Favourite Sea / Surfspot | Imessouane


First Surf | In Manly (OZ) 6 years ago




Clare Megan Fernandez @megan.aka.tinta


Nickname Tinta | From England| living in Baleal and Val d'Isère | Jane of all trades | vegan baker | always covered in paint


Quiver | 8‘0 Ericeira Malibu, 6’2 Santa Cruz Fun Board

Favourite Board | my friend Jonny’s completely destroyed 9’0 soft top. It can catch anything; from tiny ankle to high waves to barrels at Supertubos, And you do not need to worry about dings! 


Favourite Sea / Surfspot | Gigi's - Baleal      

Next Surftrip | Feel like I am living on a constant surftrip      

First Surf |  Taghazout - Marocco  

Ines Catarino @flahica


Nickname "Flahica" | Former surgeon | used to stitch humans, now stitches boardbags | until last year , she was a member of the Portuguese handball national team


Quiver: | 9‘2ft Anticiclone , 5’11ft single fin Chris Byrne

Favourite Board | anything that I have riding :D


Favourite Sea / Surfspot | Green Island (Ulladulla, NSW , AUS), Noosa ( Sunny Coast, AUS ), Secret (Baleal) , Canal (Costa Vicentina), Paredes da Vitoria (Leiria), Cabedelo (Figueira da Foz) I could keep going...And I still have a lot to see :D


Next Surftrip | Anywhere beautiful with good waves :-)

First Surf |  Bodysurf Shore @ Nazare as a kid 


André Josselin @josselin


Lifestyle & travel photographer | lives in Cologne, Germany | photography is like music | loves his Leica and Canon | Passionate about people and quiet moments | never seen doing sports 


André started his career as a photographer through a kickstarter project for his book "Us" featuring a roadtrip through Portugal. Today, he has worked with several global brands as well as athletes and artists, always focusing on specific moments that illustrate a close, warm atmosphere in a reportage style. 





Daniel Espirito Santo @despiritosanto


Portugal | Surf Photographer | Doglover | Catowner | Vintage Car Enthusiast | Literally gets every freakin' wave


Living on the rocky coast of Baleal, Portugal, Daniel has found his destiny. Together with his dog – whom he named after the coastal village Ferrel – the photographer and filmmaker has settled where his heart belongs. Being a passionate surfer the sea is his most powerful inspiration and the essence of his photography. 


Based at Portugal's Silver Coast– the free spirit is able to do what he loves most on a daily basis – surfing and taking pictures. 

Hallvard Kolltveit @hallvardkolltveit


Norwegian photographer | lives in a van at the Lofoten Islands | director of Arctic January | has a passion for hotel breakfasts | used to take photos in the water of Pipeline, Hawaii 


Hallvard rather coincidently became a photographer while studying in Hawaii. Today, he is well-known for his in-water photography in the cold waters of Northern Europe - not only because of his award winning short movie "Arctic January", but also by traveling with an capturing all kinds of (pro) surfers in the past.