Welcome to the most important part of loyalsea: humans.

Meet the team, our partners and funky friends. While different in background or ways of working all of us share the vision of a more equal, divers and benevolent future!

core team

Katharina Kiéck

Founder and CEO


The anthropologist originally wanted to become a museum curator or mixed martial arts pro – a far cry from her focus on pushing diversity in media production today. Between one and the other she worked as futurist, brand strategist at Twitter and CSO at an Artificial Intelligence Start-Up.

Apolla Echino

Director Film


Former actress and Canadian national Apolla has been recognized and awarded for her series „A Woman´s Guide Around the World“ as well as the Tribeca Film Festival special entry „The DNA of Adventure“. She currently calls in from her beach hut in Montauk, USA.   

Naomi Wolf

Project Manager


The ultimate weapon when it comes to organization and planning, the studied organisational psychologist has structured and serviced international projects for P&G, VW, Mercedes and what not. Brands tried to snatch her from us often – but loyalty is her second name.

Malin Wall

Director Design


The Swedish designer has designed multiple CI´s, sets and set ups for international productions. Before joining Loyalsea she lead design for Silicon Valley based Incubator WEST. Currently she is oscillating between San Francisco and our Portugal “office“.

Silke Roth

Director Styling / Text


The German journalist and stylist can not only make every set, production house or colleague look great but scripts the most hilarious fictions and descriptions. She also teaches others how to research, write and produce as a university professor and occasionally makes a mean banana bread.  

Lina Ludwig

Research Manager


Awarded „Young European Voice“ and recognized for her paper on the „German Angst“ in 2019 Lina is a strong advocate for an inclusive society. Next to that she is our most excellent empirical and virtual freelance researcher and occasionally writes the meanest copies.


Nils Knoop



The multi-athlete and behind-the-scenes-activist has changed the minds of many leading global brands running marketing and communication strategies, events and campaigns for Nike, Ben & Jerry´s and Red Bull. Nils has been on board from day one, being a sparring partner for everything around the loyalsea business, co-producing on L2L, co-hosting on Arctic Advent, building our social channels and website and running comms. While currently roadtripping Nils will continue to partner with us on mostly secret missions. Psst. 

Hallvard Kolltveit



The Norwegian filmer and photographer has been awarded for his „Arctic January“ productions around surf in the Nordics. He has produced multiple campaigns for Samsung, North Face, Volkswagen and hipster label Douchebags. He is the first up and the first to rest - in between filming like a machine and reminding us all to behave sustainably in nature. He is our conscience and rolemodel, dear friend and inspiration on many levels. We also force him to model sometimes. 

Jakob Ström



The Swedish mastermind has produced multiple tv shows, commercials and activistic videos. His production „dear daddy“, which he shot with his daughter as actress, raised awareness for violence against women and won multiple global awards generating 14mil views on YouTube. We salute you for that Jakob and are happy to call you our creative partner and friend. We are also jealous of your kiteboarding, surfing and boating skills but forgive you if we can come visit you on that little island you call home.

Jan Beyer

Film / Photography


The Gen Z consultant, podcaster and social media one man army not only brings his Leica along wherever he goes but a backpack full of creativity and curiousity. While music videos are his passion, he creates mean content - primarily for YouTube and TikTok, realizing whichever idea is thrown at him. He makes a mean Espresso Martini and Pizza as well. 

Tobias Illsanker

Film / Photography


We are still undecided wether we adore Tobi more as a surfer or a creator as his longboarding style is to die for. Yet we are happy that he threw himself and the camera into the waves for his own and our surf-documentaries. On the site he produced one or the other TV segment and if you fly TAP you will see his film on board television too. Occasionally we misuse him as model too. Sorry Tobi, talent comes at a prize.

André Josselin



A celebrity himself André is famous for his unparalleled speed, his series of books and his work with talent that has severe time restrictions due to popularity. An ambassador for Leica and fashion enthusiast he will always pack style over comfort. His production playlists are famous and infamous at the same time while his humour is always dark.