arctic advent

We are proud and happy to team up with outdoor experts Heimplanet to host the event series ARCTIC ADVENT happening in Hamburg, Germany, from December 01st to 16th, 2018.


The event series is about the magic, commitment and aspiration for nature, art and life in the arctic.


That is why we are featuring Apolla Echino, Director of "A Woman's Guide to the World" discussing new narratives in action sports with us, Australien photographer Benjamin Hardman who moved to Iceland a few years back due to its flora and fauna; and Norwegian film maker Hallvard Kolltveit who is currently shooting a movie on nordic surf culture. 


Lofoten2Lagos is an iconic surftrip with a fresh perspective - featuring the Girlsurfgangs of the European Westcoast.


From the icegirls in the arctic circle to the Portuguese longboardladies. The trip is divided into five singular modules that are linked by one element: the surf tribes of the respective destination – Norway, Iceland, UK, Ireland, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Spain and Portugal. On site, we tell the story of a diverse female surfscene, featuring 2-5 female surfers showing their lives, secrets spots, best rides and bonfire nights. 


For the first part of Lofoten2Lagos, we travelled to the Lofoten islands in Northern Norway to tell the stories of the Arctic Surfer Girls. In 2019, we are going to visit the Ice Mothers before we meet the North Sea Nerds, the Style Sisters of the Isle, the Digital Duck Dive Divas and finally heading for the Basquean Boardies and Longboard Ladies.  


Soon to come! Stay tuned...