why loyalsea?

At loyalsea, our mission is to change the perception of surfing in the media landscape towards diversity - with a focus on women. Loyalsea develops stories and uncovers personalities and locations that support this goal and offers the concepts to brands for partnerships.

what we do.

We inspire humans to build a community of and for human growth, driven by our core values benevolence, empowerment and hilarity - while focusing on real, empowering narratives. Always personal. Never random.

how we do it.

We produce unique, powerful, high quality stories with integrated community engagement. For every story, we produce images and moving images that help us spread the word. In order to connect the stories and link the different tribes to each other, we include repetitive elements throughout the overall narrative at loyalsea - while the stories also need to work in and off themselves.

who we are.

We love the sea, surfing and the moments of connection that come with it.


Over the years travelling for surf we met many inspiring, unique people, We met them in the line up, at car parks, in cafés and on beaches all over the world. They lend us wax, we shared waves (stole waves), food, drinks, a bed, rides and gave each other first aid for injuries - which we or they sometimes, unintentionally (of course) caused. 


 They made us feel part of a global community not defined by nationality, age or gender, by profession or relation but by the loyalty to the sea.

Our goal is to illustrate this diversity and creativity in (female) surfing and its related lifestyles by creating inspiring stories based on friendships, authentic experiences and shared moments in the sea.

Katharina Kiéck


founder loyalsea 


speaks faster than her shadow | former streetfighter | in love with a Robert August Single Fin | 


10+ years brand strategist | trend & location scouting | 6+ years digital nomad | longboarder  



Nils Knoop


co-founder loyalsea


learnt how to surf in Peru | his first 100 waves were lefts - as a regular footer | used to hate the fish shape, now loves it | never seen without a beanie | enthusiastic about tiny houses


10+ years content creation | communication strategist | PR | global citizen | storyteller  | digital ice cream activist